Your company is in many circumstances with the need to have the support of experts in the development of Web technologies for managing your site.

CentroRed is in a position to offer this service to advantage because even if the development of your website have been made by a company other than us , our experience allows us to have enough knowledge about it to undertake this task with guarantees success for both parties. Services that are offered.

Services we offer

The support service availability consist address - by our technical department to all requests to sue us in undertaking the most proper and efficient management of the current web under the control of your company or business and its contents. Terms of Service.

Soporte Web

Conditions of this service

The service is determined by the number of hours that these effects should devote our technicians in response to requests received.

For this purpose computations are performed monthly full months that coincide with the dates of the monthly bills relating to other issues you CentroRed , or the date of signature of acceptance and implementation of the basic support contract.

Support requests may only be performed by e -mail , regardless of subsequent convenient maintain telephone contacts required for proper clarification and resolution of the incident raised.

Soporte Web

The spent time will be computed in our internal task manager, applying to every support request, at least 15 minutes of support.

The hours included in the support contract will not be accumulated between different months.

Monthly rates

  • 19,00 Euros include a maximum of 1 hour per month under the conditions as explained above.
  • 36,00 Euros include a maximum of 2 hours per month under the conditions as explained above.
  • 52,50 Euros include a maximum of 3 hours per month under the conditions as explained above.