Self-managed website from 8.00 a year only !

Web self-managed, included in the Starter Pack is a simple but remarkable application that will allow you, in no time and with only basic knowledge of user-Web a great dynamic for your company.

To not have to pay a cent more. The 10 GB. including monthly traffic comfortably guarantee you do not pay more. The normal consumption does not exceed several GB. a month.

You can create unlimited pages and menu items for the organization of information.

Includes a simple utility to manage and improve their rankings on Google.

Content of pages based on a simple editor where you can add to fill the 100 MB. available for Web, all text, images and even videos you want.

Choose from a wide range of available design aspects and also change at any time.

You can manage your website content easily and conveniently from your own computer and at any time, from a private panel easy content management.

Includes some extraordinary statistics that will let you know who, when, where, how often they visit their pages and more to help you make the most of your website.

And if you want ..... complicated and wants us, with our experience and knowledge, you go up the initial content, order and do it for an extra charge of 139 $ only.
You can hire for just 68 $ per year, including Alta, from your control panel if you are already a customer of CentroRed or by selecting the appropriate option to register your domain in CentroRed, obtaining your free domain.

But if you want we help you in your initial content, hire our freight service content by an optional single payment of 139 $

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