Virtual Servers

  • Based on VHCS - Virtual Hosting Control System - We offer professional
    Hosting Profesionales
    scalable hostings, from 100Mb to 2GB.
  • In these hosting, suitable for web design professionals, developers and the professional webmaster, you can host domains, websites, databases and emails from all your customers, occupying the space you really need and can start with little disk space to be hiring it increases as you need them.
  • This service, in operation for quite some years been working perfectly for those customers that are handled well in environments with a more technological level.
  • You can view the caracterísitcas and rates by clicking here or the sitemap of our site at the foot of the page.
  • For customers with a single website, we recommend our hosting plans, which also can upload your web site with MySQL database and PHP 5, FTP and may sign up and manage their e-mail -from the middle level Plan- through webmail.