Domain Registration

A personal assessor will call you after registering your first domain

Registering or transfering your domain to CentroRed it´s easy, safe, and with the best customer service in the sector. Domain .es, .com, .net, .org, .cat, .eu...

And get your free domain purchasing any of our hosting plans.

  • Domain registration to protecting your brand
    Protect your identity

    Registering a domain is unique and will prevent our name to be used by someone outside. This is specially important since there is not a clear legislation about the registrations.

  • Web domains redirection

    You can associate the domain to one of our hosting plans or redirect to any other domain website already existing. Very useful if you want protect all domain extensions.

  • Automatic renewal
    Automatic renewal

    Have you ever suffered the loss of a domain? With automatic renewal CentroRed will no longer occur. And we will notify you several times before so you can cancel the renovation if you desire.

  • Advanced management of DNS servers for each domain
    Email with your domain

    You can use our powerful and stable e-mail service wiyh domain registration, with custom accounts Essential for showing a serious and professional image.

  • Customized email with the purchase of a domain
    Advanced DNS Management

    Did you know that most problems of accessibility to a domain is due to problems with DNS servers? With domain registration automatically offer stable DNS service.

  • Any questions?
    Any questions?

    Call us
    952 200 958
    We will resolve any doubt. We can also guide you step by step through the process of domain registration.

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Domain Transfer

Looking for a quality leap for your domains?

If you already have registered their domains interested sure centralize all its services in a trusted supplier. In addition, an expert will guide you step by step through the process of moving.