Domain .MOBI

Given the emerging needs of telecommunications decided to launch a domain to refer to those websites that are created under the requirements needed to be visited from the new terminals such as mobile phones. These terminals only access websites that are developed meet special characteristics.

To this end the domain was created .MOBI in 2006, assuring the user of a mobile terminal that can connect to any website referenced by this domain .MOBI.


The mobile phone world has not stopped progress in recent years, so that today we can say:

There are more mobile phones than fixed. There are more phones than computers teléfenos.

With these data, it is normal. Mobi domain exceeded the 500 000 records in its first 7 months of existence, and that many companies have wanted to adapt their web pages These requests, referencing them by means of an extension .MOBI.

Particularities of the domain .MOBI

There is no type of restriccióna when registering these domain but require that the page is accessed through the domain. Mobi technology is compatible with mobile devices.

Dominios .MobiWhat's in your domain?

  • Unlimited redirections
  • Telephone support
  • Dns Server Management
  • Management areas advanced DNS
  • Whois Information Management
  • Automatic Renewals
  • Email alerts
  • Free to hire a hosting service
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