Domains .eu

The domain. EU refers to the European Union. In 2000 Lisbon summit approved the creation of this domain extension to provide citizens and businesses of the Union of the possibility of expanding the Internet with a common identity under the protection of European law.

It was not until 2006 that really started the process, because in April of that year opened the free domain registration. EU

Grounds for extension. EU

Strengthening the European organization, improving internal trade and the protection of business and European citizens for the rest of the world were the main reasons that led to the European Union to acquire a property domain.

An important motivation for having hosted the website of your company in a domain. EU is the possibility of opening the European market, so take the picture that has the European Union in the world.

Particularities of the domain .EU

Any citizen, corporation, partnership or association domiciled in the countries comprising the European Union have the right to register a domain .EU.

News of the domain .EU

Since 2006 began the free domain registration. EU, its growth has been exponential. What makes us see the importance and dissemination has been the expansion in its short existence.

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